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The concept was simple: Get IT out of the server closet and into the business. When IT doesn’t sit outside the rest of the organization as a separate department, insulated from the reality of the business, IT and the business are better. When IT participates as a partner across the organization, IT can develop the context necessary to solve the RIGHT problems.

We understand that all business leaders are now technology leaders, making decisions about which technology to use and how to use it. In 2008, we designed a new way to partner with the business. We based our model on putting the business first and the technology second.  We focus on flexible, people-centric support instead of what technologies will and will not be supported.

Technology does not stand still and constantly evolves.  So in 2020, we introduced SECURE SHIELD, our robust Cyber Security business model.  People have embraced this change of approach.  As we continue to develop and grow, we will continue to expanded this core Cyber Security concept into other, tech-centric departments.

A lot has changed over the last 12 years. People have not. We still believe the best technology services come from supporting our client’s needs, not from supporting the needs of the technology. Proving once again that if you get the relationship and context right, technology can be an accelerator instead of a roadblock.

Lyle – CEO and Cyber Security Guy

Purpose & Values

At the heart of Secure IT Systems is a team of incredible people. We’re a close-knit group of hard working, passionate, technology enthusiasts who believe in the work that we do and know that working together is the best way to deliver outstanding results. We’re dedicated to Technology Peace for our clients, and when it comes to IT, you won’t find a more amazing crew than the Secure IT team.  Every member of our team believes in our Core Purpose and understands what it means to our clients and our own success. Our Purpose and Values drive our every action as a business and as individuals.  

Our Core Purpose

At Secure IT Systems, our clients are our number one priority. By providing fast and efficient IT support, high-value technology strategy, and proactive network management, we ensure that every detail is taken care of. We are there for our clients 24/7, ensuring that everything works how they need it to, when they need it to.

Our Core Values

We believe in Fanatical Service and go above and beyond to deliver incredible experiences at every turn. We treat each email, call, and support request as if it was from our best friend… and we would do anything for our best friends.

We share a Passion for Innovation. Technology is the future, and innovation is the fuel that makes it run. We understand that innovation can intimidate people and that embracing new technology doesn’t come easily for everyone. That’s where we come in. We constantly explore innovative new technologies to drive our clients’ businesses forward. Every company is becoming a tech company, and if that notion scares you, we’re here to help.

We act with Absolute Accountability. We believe in doing the right thing and can always count on one another to take ownership of outcomes. We may make mistakes (no one is perfect!), but we take responsibility for those too and do what it takes to make it right.

We are Crazy about Process: Processes are the backbone of our business and it’s what sets us apart from everyone else. We maximize industry-leading documentation software that ensures the information you need is where you need it, when you need it.

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