Cyberthreats are growing and can pose a significant threat to your business.

65% of small and medium sized businesses and enterprises have experienced a cyberattack in the last year. Regulatory demands and cyber insurance requirements have never been more stringent. In today’s climate, strategic cybersecurity guidance is a necessity, not a luxury. You need someone who can assess risks and vulnerabilities, create and execute a comprehensive cybersecurity plan, ensure compliance and safeguard business continuity.

Introducing vCISO Office

Defining, Managing, and Optimizing Your Security Programs

Risk Assessments

Through a series of questionnaires and scans that we perform on your environment, we create a full assessment of your current risk level and cyber posture, compared to industry benchmarks. That also includes gap analysis of vulnerabilities and exploits.

Compliance Readiness

We identify which regulatory standards your organization needs to meet, then perform a thorough compliance readiness assessment. We find the gaps, prepare a plan to close them and manage the plan’s execution together with you.

Tailored Security Policies

We create a tailor-made set of easy-to-follow, actionable policies, adjusted to your specific needs, your IT environment and tools, relevant regulatory requirements and industry benchmarks.

Incident Response Plans

We create strategic remediation plans with prioritized tasks. Each task is explained in a clear and intuitive way, making it easy to follow and implement. And each task includes impact and criticality rate.

How Our vCISO Service Works

Automated Cyber Profile

Together with you, we assess your current policies, processes and tools. We also perform internal and external scans of your environment. Based on the answers and scan results, we automatically build a unique cyber profile for your organization.

AI-Driven Assessment

Leveraging our vCISO platform – we parse your cyber profile against relevant external resources like the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ISO 27001, CIS and other standards, industry benchmarks, and industry-based threat intelligence.

Day to Day vCISO Operations

We show you your current risk level, compliance readiness and overall cybersecurity posture, along with the tailor made policies and remediation plan we created for you. Then we move to ongoing, daily cybersecurity management to achieve and maintain the level of security and compliance we defined in our assessment.


Realize your security vision

Our vCISO services develop a roadmap, create plan of action, and implement changes. The end result: we help you bring your cybersecurity vision to reality.

The right policies

Our vCISO tools guide your organization through the creation of policies, strategic remediation plans and levels of protection tailored to your unique business and industry – ensuring you have the right controls in place to mitigate risk.

Maintain compliance

We conduct automated and continuous compliance readiness assessments, then create an actionable plan with a prioritized task list to achieve and maintain compliance, while tracking progress toward compliance goals.

Continuously manage cyber posture

Unlike one-time risk assessments that generate security posture and risk snapshots, our vCISO services continuously assess and update your real time security posture, risk level and compliance readiness.

Gain long-term visibility

We track and measure your security posture and risk level over time, identifying mission-critical trends and keeping you always in the know.